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Swiss Haus Bakery
Philadelphia, meet your cronut

In LA they call 'em crullants. In Chicago, doughssants. And at Center City's Swisshaus Bakery, they go under the alias Swiss Cro-cremes. They also go fast, because in reality, these hot, fried, cinnamon-rolled, custard-flooded fists of flaky French pastry are cronuts, the copyrighted donut-croissant hybrid invented by NYC's Dominique Ansel Bakery

So, before his lawyers pull them from the shelf, witness evidence of your new favorite buttery breakfast hybrid and go judge for yourself.

Much like anyone who wants to get one, the croissant dough rises early and forms an orderly line...
... which, unlike these Cro-cremes, never reaches 325 degrees thanks to some hot oil.
Once they've cooled a bit, they're piped full of vanilla custard in a controlled stabbing motion by a woman rumored to have once murdered a cupcake.
Pro tip: Want to skip the line? Show up with your own camera crew. Works every time.
Once the morning news producer yells "Cut!", the pastries are glaze-capped to resemble a cronut the Swiss Alps.
Finally you're ready to take action, and maybe even take a bite out of crime.

Can't get enough of these tasty croissant/donut hybrids? Check out more Cronut knock-offs around the world on our interactive Cronut- (and Cronut impostor-) finding map!

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