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Cardinal Club
Low lights, high-quality meat


Catering to eaters and drinkers of all varieties -- not just Ozzie Smith fans and dudes who vote for the Pope -- Cardinal Club has hit the busy off-Burnside stretch of NE 28th, offering a low-lit atmosphere and some impressive house-made meat

Owned by a team of Philly transplants, it's designed to emulate the aesthetics of their favorite old haunts. But in lieu of Charlie Kelly wielding a rat stick, they've gone with hanging lights and tons of candles that lend a natural sepia tone that's really gonna blow the minds of the mustached when they try to Instagram it

That mild sausage at the top of the page is made in-house with pork/wine/fennel and served with broccoli rabe & buttery polenta. They're also doing includes pork rillettes, the above calamari with spicy sauce, and fried rockfish

They'll make almost anything on request, but the cocktail list is intentionally minimalist, and includes this Cava Cocktail w/ bubbly & brandy and the Pedestrian w/ bourbon, bitters & ginger. You can also snag Great Divide Hoss Rye, Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout, and other pints that will have you making plenty of short stops in the men's room.

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1. Cardinal Club 18 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97232

Despite the name, this NE Portland spot isn't restricted to Tony La Russa and Ozzie Smith. In fact, it's catering to eaters and drinkers of all varieties (yes, even Cubs fans). CC is offering up simple salads, soups, sandwiches, and other small plates alongside a great beer selection in a relaxed environment that now has outdoor seating.

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