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Blackheart Bagels
Bagels, bagels, and bagels

NE Portland's Kickstarter-funded Blackheart isn't messing around with schmears and toasters and coffee and other things that aren't technically bagels. Just old-fashioned, hand-rolled, boiled flavors like salt, Italian herb, and dark sesame (also the realm of Elmo's evil brother).

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1. Blackheart Bagels 2240 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

Blackheart Bagels, in NE Portland, is funded by Kickstarter and they're making sure not to waste any of that money on non-bagel stuff like coffee or toasters. Instead, they're serving up old-fashioned, hand-rolled, boiled bagels in flavors like salt, Italian herb, and dark sesame.

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