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Tails & Trotters
Pork, pork, and more pork in NE


Having outgrown its humble PDX Farmers Market home, butcher shop Tails & Trotters has set up its own brick and mortar in NE mini-restaurant hub The Ocean that's a pork-lover's heaven and Wilbur's version of Hostel.

The centerpiece of the butcher shop/eatery is a brightly lit "OINK" sign that makes pigs think they're trying out for a farm-based version of Smash, when actually, they're gonna get cut up and eaten. Silly pigs.

Behind the counter, whole animals are sliced to order, resulting in the freshest cuts since The Builders & The Butchers dropped their first album.

Raw meats cover the whole hog, from a pig's head on display, to loins, chops, hams, belly, and cheek medallions.

To season that swine, grab an array of artisan mustards, honeys, salts, and hot sauces that're probably chosen by a really dope committee.

In the freezer, T&T's got a wide array of sausages ranging from Italian to chorizo, plus huge hunks of porchetta.

Or let the the folks at the counter do the cooking in the form of porky sandwiches that include banh mi, deviled ham, and the gigantic Porkstrami Reuben that's more deadly than a bunch of sexy women in Bratislava.

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1. Tails & Trotters 525 NE 24th Ave, Portland, OR 97232

After outgrowing its PDX Farmers Market digs, butcher shop Tails & Trotters got its own brick-and-mortar in mini-restaurant haven The Ocean. And while the location's changed, the meat & services haven't a bit -- T&T is still serving the highest quality brisket, ribs, cutlets, bacon, sausage, and tons more.

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