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Proletariat Butchery
Be the butcher

Just opened in NE, Proletariat Butchery's doing custom meat cuts and in-house roasting, plus offering you a chance to go all Leatherface in carving classes focused on stuffing sausages and cutting pig, lamb, and beef.

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1. Proletariat Butchery 5124 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, OR

NE Portland's Proletariat Butchery is the project of a dude who grew up loving and experimenting with food. He recently became a butcher and opened PB to share his passion, whether through the straightforward sale of high-quality meats (bacon, pancetta, pork, etc.) or the brilliant option to take in-house classes on how to make charcuterie and sausage, or on basic meat butchering.

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