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Industry folks predict your future, and it involves a lot of mourning... for dubstep!

San Diego

To prepare you for your gustatory future, some of the town's top tastemakers sacrificed goats, and did all sorts of other witch-prophecy-related things to bring you this look at 2013.

Anthony Schmidt, Head Bartender, Noble Experiment
"Shared plates have been done a million ways. But larger portions – e.g., whole roasted fish, suckling pigs, Bo ssäm, etc – seem to be on the rise... the more sharing, the more sampling of sides. Tasting menus, designed to showcase a sampling of all a restaurant has to offer, are almost essential. Customers are eager to try more items in pursuit of a wholesome understanding of a place (the difference between an album and a single in the music industry). We're closer to the artist/chef/owner... And as these roast beast feasts grow in numbers, so should the knowledge of products, quality of products offered, and proper booze pairings. Because booze is my department, here's a rough-draft, obvious example: cocktail as appetizer, beer or dry sparkling wine with light app, wine with the core of the tasting, and a dessert wine or digestive cocktail in closing. Do many hip new restaurants do this? Not yet. Is it being done? Of course. But, it seems to be getting perfected in more progressive dining communities (see NYC, CHI, PDX, LA, SF to name a couple). Soon, SD??? Hope so."

Joe Magnanelli, Executive Chef, CUCINA Urbana
"Recently on the East Coast we've noticed a lot of in-house distilling where bars have oak barrels and are making their own whiskey. So it's definitely something we are already seeing in the beverage world but I was inspired to bring the concept to the heart of the house with barrel-aged balsamic and red wine vinegars. I think it's something totally unique for 2013."

Jo Ann Plympton, Executive Chef/Partner, Gang Kitchen
“A focus back to incredibly clean and simple, true food that is good for your mind, body and soul.” 

Dustin Beckner, Chef de Cuisine, Quality Social
“Food prices rising due to the massive droughts, natural disasters, and increased shipping costs. Healthful eating will continue to grow as current generations of our guests and peers are getting older and more concerned with healthier living.” 

Jason Gethin, Executive Chef, Union Kitchen & Tap
“I predict that there will be a 'Craft Cocktail' menu on every street corner; maybe even McDonald's will jump on the bandwagon. How does a dirty dive bar with a beer-soaked carpet from the '70s feel the need to produce a craft cocktail list? No one is going there for the gin drink with the whipped egg whites on top.”

Erick Castro, Beverage Director/Proprietor, Polite Provisions
"Latin spirits will continue to become more and more popular and make their way into the spotlight. This is already the case with rum & tequila, but we'll see liquors like pisco, cachaça, and Rhum Agricole come into play."

Adam Stemmler, Blind Tiger Cocktail Co
“Assuming the world doesn't end, I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin will do Playboy this year. I've been calling that one for the last year and a half, but I'm pretty sure this is her year. She has no chance in politics, so she might as well. I also think Britney Spears will shave her head again; it was a good look for her. Dubstep will take a cue from the dinosaurs, and go extinct.”

Chad White, Exec Chef/Owner, Plan-Cha Baja Med
“I'm going to stay away from predictions for anything other than myself... I believe that the Mayans were wrong, and the world isn’t going to end in a week. That’s bullsh*t craziness that probably came from some serious mind-altering pot! Predictions for myself… lots of collaborations local, national & international. I plan to cook, anywhere, anytime, anyway!”

David Cohen, Owner, Uptown Tavern
“The world will still be here and will be better than ever... but depending on when this article is posted, the Mayans may have already proven me wrong.”

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