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Donut Bar
The Cro-Bar is SD's answer to the Cronut, plus more donut wizardry

The Cronut sensation has been blowing the minds of donut connoisseurs everywhere, and now Santiago and Wendy, the geniuses at Donut Bar, have teamed up with pastry chef Javier Jimenez of 7th Café around the corner to create their own croissant-donut hybrid named the Cro-Bar, which's also what they may be using to pry you out of your chair after consuming them.

Making the perfect Cro-Bar is a complicated process: the dough is mixed, rolled out, layered croissant-style, and cut into squares before it goes into this heated and humidified chamber for proofing, which is a very technical term that basically means the dough needs to rise. Much like your cholesterol.
Once they’ve risen, the tray of future Cro-Bars is lowered into a vat of hot oil and fried up donut-style, then the suckers get flipped using a pair of drumsticks. Mmm, drumsticks.
After they’re fried up to the perfect golden brown, they’re hand tossed in a cinnamon and sugar mixture…
In addition to the revolutionary invention of the Cro-Bar, they’ve been busy coming up with a list of donut varieties like cotton candy, Snickers, and the Elvis: a peanut butter & banana cream concoction worthy of the King. The fat version especially.
So far Donut Bar has been a grab-and-go joint, but very soon they'll be opening their upstairs lounge with a killer bird’s eye view of B Street, Wi-Fi, leather chairs, and a second donut counter so you don’t have to waste your energy walking up and down the stairs to get more donuts to stuff your face with.

Can't get enough of these tasty croissant/donut hybrids? Check out more Cronut knock-offs on our interactive Cronut (and Cronut impostor) map!
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1. Donut Bar 631 B St, San Diego, CA 92101

The Donut Bar doesn't even have a closing time -- they're open from 7a to whenever they sell out, which means they sell out pretty quickly. Get there early to snag one of their donuts, and maybe take a few for the road, since it will probably be closed by the time you go back for seconds (and trust us, you will want seconds).

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