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Wait a second. 2012 had too much bacon??

San Francisco

If there’s anything Carrie cheating on Aidan with Big taught you, it's that Carrie is kinda a bitch. And also, disappointment is a fact of life. Even in SF, where we pulled together a buncha awesome food/drink industry folks to tackle chronicling the greatest disappointments of this year.

Jay Barmann, Editor, San Francisco Grubstreet: That that Louboutin-wielding Marina chick hasn't been locked up yet.

Defne Altan, Owner, Made PR: The divorce of Rebel and Sneaky's BBQ, and the subsequent closure of Rebel.

Carlo Espinas, Chef, Comstock Saloon: The decision to close down Drakes Bay oyster.

Lisa Nourse, Owner, Lisa Nourse PR: Lack of eloquent, insightful restaurant criticism. We need fresh voices who are knowledgeable about food and the industry, but who can simultaneously entertain and inspire us with strong, humorous, effective writing.

Staffan Terje, Co-Owner/Chef, Perbacco and barbacco: No big disappointments apart from not being able to serve foie gras, but you move on. Oh, and that we are so infatuated with putting bacon where it doesn't belong. Come on, people. I love bacon, period. But Bacon Vodka is not a good thing, it's silly, bordering on stupid. If I want smoky booze I'll drink Scotch.

Michael Mauschbaugh, Chef/Proprietor, Sous Beurre Kitchen: The closure of the infamous Casa Sanchez on 24th st. no longer do we have a restaurant honoring free food for tattoos.

Anna Roth, Food Editor and Restaurant Critic, SF Weekly
The only thing I really loved at State Bird Provisions was the pancakes. The rest I found kind of baffling. I just couldn't see what all the hype was about, though I could have been a victim of my own expectations.

Ray Tang, Chef, Presidio Social Club: Mayflower on Geary closed. So sad.

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