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B. Patisserie
Ham and TWO-cheese tartines in the LPH

Yes, B. Patisserie is A. Patisserie and also the first solo project of a former Gary Danko and Manresa pastry chef, now open in Lower Pac Heights (suck it, regular Pac Heights) and featuring delicious pastries, marble everything, and a completely open kitchen

Not to be confused with the exercise your German grandmother does, the Kugeloph (German Bundt cake) is served alongside cups of Four Barrel coffee

Here's the signature kouign-amann, which, aside from being unpronounceable, is actually a cake made from folding layers of butter, dough, and sugar

Aside from deliciously crusty-looking almond & hazelnut chocolate croissants, they also have open-faced tartines like a Black Forest ham and two cheeses, which we're pretty sure isn't a phallic euphemism. Pretty sure

And make sure to check out the wall tree made from brightly colored macarons (mmm…) that're painted (less mmmm…).

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