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Grill From Ipanema
Glorious cuts of Brazilian meat in Belltown


Everybody knows that "The Girl From Ipanema" is a mind-numbingly catchy bossa nova tune first recorded commercially by Stan Getz. But the Grill From Ipanema is a Brazilian steakhouse in the former Twist/Mestizo space helmed by a crew with serious rodizio-style dining experience, and hoping to lure customers with a name reminiscent of a mind-numbingly catchy bossa nova tune first... well, you get the idea.

It kind of looks like a huge foosball table filled with meat instead of armless soccer players.

Once off the giant meat foosball table, juicy cuts of this beef or chicken or sausage or cheese-stuffed beef are sliced at your table by "passadores", who -- given the root of that word -- presumably won't have anything to do with Kobe (beef).

If you're lucky, said passadores will find you at one of the dining rooms' raised booths where you can look down condescendingly on all the other diners while taking in expansive views of Elliot Bay.

No matter where you're sitting you can take down some Caipirinhas made with Leblon Cachaca and juice that's fresh, just like that one bossa nova tune first recorded commercially by Stan Getz!!

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