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A boozy, off-menu surf & turf meal


If you think Meg Ryan had a sweet lunch in When Harry Met Sally, you're right. She even faked an orgasm during it! But that faux-ecstasy has nothing on Trace's new Liquid Lunch, a surf & turf-ish, prix fixe-only, three-courser that radically impairs afternoon work performance by pairing each course with a cocktail created just for Thrillist readers.

First Course: You'll start off like Kirstie Alley around the time she made Look Who's Talking: fairly light, with a shaved prosciutto ham & green apple salad, paired with their gin/vermouth/maraschino liqueur/bitters Martinez cocktail.

Second Course: Next you'll swill Momokawa Junmai Ginjo organic saké, and some surf: a sushi lunch featuring three pieces of both nigiri and sashimi.

Third Course: Finally there's Trace's take on turf, a burger on Macrina brioche topped w/ straw onions, that, in addition to Idaho frites, comes with a Manhattan made with a Fremont-based whiskey named for the kind of thing Ms. Ryan exclusively makes in delis: Mischief.

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