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New Year, new Dallas?


Since the Mayans screwed the pooch, give this group of Dallas food luminaries a shot at '13 predictions that cover Smashburger's sushi aspirations, Elvis & Tupac, and taking over the planet.

Matt McCallister, FT33
More chefs cooking with vegetables and less protein.

Leslie Brenner, Dallas Morning News Food Critic
Uni will supplant pork belly as the appetizer that ate Dallas. Hotel Adolphus will be sold and André Natera will be brought on board by the new owners to open a whimsically elegant Asian-inflected French restaurant in the French Room. Smashburger will start serving sushi.

Danyele McPherson, The Grape
An increase in the number of people with gluten allergies and more places with Saturday brunch. 

Patrick Russell, Max's Wine Dive
More bubbles will be poured in Dallas than ever before! Farm-to-table going crazy, and the rise of micro restaurants.

Lisa Garza, Sissy's Southern Kitchen
I think people are looking for a genuine experience—approachable, comfortable dining with a real point of reference. I think in 2013 we’ll see more comfort food -- not just American or Southern -- but in every style of cuisine.

Brian C. Luscher, The Grape
Many new, very small, item-specific restaurants will open. Watch Lowest Greenville! Chef de Cuisine Danyele McPherson will be even AWESOMER!!!

John Tesar, Spoon
2013 will be the best year ever for the Dallas dining scene. New interesting, eclectic, and chef-driven restaurants will pop up everywhere.

Chef DAT, Underground Chef
National champ: Bama wins (LSU 2014).
 NFL champ: Patriots win (Saints 2014)
. We will find bigfoot
. Elvis and Tupac will collaborate on an album.

Tiffany Derry, Private Social
I think in 2013, we will see some amazing woman-run restaurants open. 

Josh Valentine, FT33
World domination!

Photo by Paul Smith

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