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The Weekend Playbook: Boozy movies and bikes & dogs

Freebie of the Week
Bailout Productions is swinging by the Shinola store in Midtown on Friday with tons o' free craft cocktails like the Cinchona Shinola Cola (rye whiskey, cynar, cherry heering, xocolatle mole bittlers, fresh lemon, and Shinola cola). Tell your bros EVERYONE

Thursday, August 15th
The Midwest's answer to the Alamo Drafthouse, Magic Bag’s Brew & View is showing Star Trek Into Darkness. It’s $2. Beam yourself up

Saturday, August 17th
Some think festival season is winding down as Summer heads for the door, but THOSE PEOPLE WOULD BE WRONG. Tell them so by taking them to the Mo Pop Festival at Freedom Hill this Saturday featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, plus a full-blown biergarten. Tickets, pleeeeeeeease

Monday, August 19th
Slow Roll, which's basically the new Critical Mass, is going down again this Monday. Last week, they had Coney dogs. Bikes & dogs, folks. Bikes. And dogs.

Voting for Hatch Detroit is in full swing, which means you get to help decide which aspiring entrepreneur gets $50,000. We're honestly torn between the bra shop and the brewing company...

Remember that burger brawl we talked about last week? One-Eyed Betty’s won the thing with a beastly bacon and arugula burger sandwiched between two cheese, onion, mushroom and jalapeno-stuffed DONUTS. Go there Monday and demand they make you one. DEMAND IT.

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