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Los Globos
The most over-the-top party... ever?

Hitting LA for the first time ever next Saturday, the End Of The World Party's a definitelywearyourcrazypants rager from the dudes behind Rebel Bingo that asks you to imagine that you and everyone you know is doomed for destruction, but in the "President Morgan Freeman just told us there's an asteroid about to hit earth" kind of way, not the "oh my god, every single TV channel just stopped working... EXCEPT TLC" kind of way

Because you're not quite sure what an End Of The World party looks like, we've got a schload of photos for you to check out, but essentially the whole thing's Apocalypse-costume-encouraged, has a death-countdown clock reminding you the end is nigh, and a debaucherous, anything-goes "Last Wish Room", plus a "Last Request" playlist that you can add to by posting to their Facebook wall, assuming your mouse-clicking finger doesn't have a (Honey) Boo Boo.

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