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From hilarious to terrifying, these are the best fast food drive-thru pranks caught on video

Two major American pastimes can be traced back to the fast food industry - obesity and drive-thru pranks caught on video. Here are the top ten videos of the most impressively ridiculous drive-thru pranks you never thought of, so sit back and get a taste of high-calorie, nutritionally void entertainment.

10. Drive-Thru Fake Hand Prank

9. McDonald's Rap

8. Drive-Thru Static Shock Fainting Prank

7. Tourettes Guy at the Drive-Thru

6. Drive-Thru Floating Cup

5. Zombie Drive-Thru Prank

4. Drive-Thru Bug Prank

3. Cone-ing is the New Planking

2. World's Fastest Drive-Thru Service

1. Drive-Thru Invisible Driver Prank

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