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The Hot Bartender Olympics

The Sochi Olympics are coming to a close this weekend, which means today is kind of our last shot at running a barely tangentially related story on the subject. To wit: here's our second, bi-annual Hot Bartender Olympics, where -- just like the inaugural Hot Bartender Olympics in SF in 2012 -- we took pictures of seven of our favorite, most charming, most skilled, and toooootally coincidentally most drop-dead gorgeous NYC bartenders, who'll now vie for your votes -- along with imaginary bronze, silver, and gold hotness medals.

Here's how it works: take a look at the ladies below (or here), then vote for your favorite by either casting 1) a Facebook vote, 2) a Twitter vote, or 3) BOTH (!!). We'll count the votes, and declare a winner next Friday.

Without further stupid rule reading ado, we present the Hot Bartender Olympics...

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