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10 Burning Man tents you shouldn't go in for any reason whatsoever

Burning Man started yesterday, and with it came lots of people doing lots of stuff they probably shouldn't (nooo!!!! Not socks AND Tevas!!!). Making sure you don't do anything you probably shouldn't in places you ABSOLUTELY SHOULDN'T: this list of the 10 Burning Man "tents" you need to stay the hell away from.

Yep, nothing sounds more fun than going out to a desert to go over proofs. Sine us up!
Burning Man and Philippe Glade
Since this one's billed as Tetris Camp, you just know you're gonna spend the whole time waiting and waiting for the long piece to show up and it never will.
Burning Man and Steven Fritz
Oh cool, go hang out with people acting like your little sister when she's not allowed to have ice cream!
Burning Man and Scott Stallard
A giant version of the game no one ever won as a kid because it lasts forever unless the Banker is obviously cheating? Pass.
Burning Man and Steven Fritz
Nice try, Lando, we know this ends with us in Carbonite having to chill with Jabba the Hutt.
Burning Man and Steven Fritz
Even doing whatever you might be doing at Burning Man, there is no substance on Earth that could make the DMV enjoyable.
Burning Man and Nightshade Nightshade
Death Guild Thunderdome... actually sounds pretty damn awesome. Until they ask you to fight.

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