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11 reasons the Seattle Seahawks are the absolute worst

You thought Carolina was bad?? This Sunday, the Niners will play for the NFC Championship in the only city more consistently dreary than ours: Seattle. As if you even needed them, here're all the reasons the Seahawks are the absolute worst, so you can troll your Seattle-loving friends/blood enemies.

Flickr/hannah k
3. According to a lawsuit, Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett abandoned a puppy at a boarding facility and caused it to have an emotional breakdown. A puppy emotional breakdown.
Jesse Williams
4. Seahawks rookie DT Jesse Williams tattooed "YOLO" on his face. Which... actually kind of has a poetic sense of irony on a level we're pretty sure he's not aware of.
Seattle Seahawks
6. The fans created seismic activity a couple of times on Marshawn Lynch's TD runs, which is really not good for Seattle.
7. One of their best quarterbacks ever is only the second most successful Hasselbeck, after Elisabeth.
Brian Bosworth
10. Brian Bosworth: hairstyle icon, or Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

11. Pete. F***ing. Carroll.

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