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The Weekend Playbook: Zombie dancers, Coyote Ugly night, and a cocktail-fueled Thanksgiving

Event of the Week
In a time of thanks and recognizing all the wonderful things that surround us, it would be sinful to forget about hockey. So on Saturday night, when the Edmonton Oilers come to town to take on the Leafs, head to the and cheer on the home team in this Canadian Thanksgiving battle. Or just head to the pub and yell at the television. Whatever you do, go here first

Thursday, October 10th
The Beatles are pretty good, so it’s safe to assume that this show, featuring four talented Toronto musicians, will also be pretty good. Flawless logic. Come out to 3030 Dundas, doors at 8p, show at 9p, and listen to the entirety of the vinyl release A-sides of the Beatles Red and Blue albums. $10 at the door, $8 for fellow musicians & seniors --
deets are here

Maybe The Beatles aren’t your thing and scantily clad women are, in that case, you might enjoy Coyote Ugly night at . This wild west theme will play a mix of top 40, hip hop, house and mash ups, plus, free bandanas (seriously). Free cover on guest list before 11p, email here to get on it

Friday, October 11th
It's Canada’s largest Pokemon gathering. Yes, this is a thing that’s happening. To celebrate the launch of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the is holding this hilarious/scary event. See what it's about here

Eastern Breeze International Film Festival returns for another year, previewing short and mid-length films of all genres from around the world, which contain Eastern taste or philosophy. Bring your Alan Watts books, and head here

Saturday, October 12th
Maybe you’ve always wanted to tour the historic
, but never wanted to pony up the cash to do so? Yeah, that's the reason. Well today’s your lucky day -- in celebration of their 100th year of existence, the EWG is offering free public tours lasting around 90 minutes and no rezzies are required. Free cultural experience! You know what else is free? Clicking here

It’s never too early to start prepping for Halloween (at least according to the retail industry), so go check out the The Bazaar of the Bizarre - Halloween Extravaganza at the Bathurst Community Center. Running from 11a to 8p, it’ll have a freakish marketplace, DJs, stilt walkers, belly dancers and zombie dancers. It's all free, too, so click here

Sunday, October 13th
Get the Thanksgiving treatment in Toronto’s famed Kensington Market. On this festive foodie experience, you will be guided through the market to several tastings, including local and seasonal specialties.
Fatten up your web history by heading to the site

If your ideal Thanksgiving consists of getting drunk at the table and yelling at everyone bar, head to Cocktail House for Thanksgiving Sunday. Featuring five DJ sets and VIP bottle service. Ah, family holidays... get nostalgic here.

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