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Proving DC makes the fakest news

Because sitting through the real news requires an understanding of the debt ceiling and why Republican senators don't want to raise the -- boooorrringgg!! -- check out Pardon the Pundit, an Onion-esque satirical news site just started by the Arlington Drafthouse crew, who claim no particular political affiliation, but simply an aim to "make fun of the players" -- also something enjoyed by anyone's who's ever watched HBO's Pimps Up, Hoes Down. Breaking stories include

Palin Resigns Presidency
In a move that might turn the "2012 Presidential race upside down", The Pundit breaks the scoop that Palin will preemptively "resign as President of the United States", issuing the statement "Right now I'm resigning as President but someday I might just quit being Pope. The American people need to know that whatever needs to be done, I stand ready to not do it.

Americans Have New Country to be Unable to Locate on a Map
In anticipation of South Sudan's new independence, the crack research team's tracked down expert analysis on the American reaction: "There's not a shot in hell that we're gonna be able to find this country," remarked study director and Pew Center Fellow Dr. L. Peterson Haskins. "It's near Rhodesia, right? Isn't that a place?

Pawlenty Replaces Sheen on "Violent Torpedo of Truth" Tour
In the aftermath of the former's epic fail in the first Republican debate and the latter's epic failure of a one-man show, they report that producers "believe that Pawlenty's politics would be far more funny than anything Sheen could say"

The whole PTP crew's also set to host a TBD weekly night at the Drafthouse, as well as less-regular showcases, and an annual political comedy competition, where you yourself can go and try to blow the roof off, as long as you don't even mention the ceiling.

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