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Rental Car Rally to Detroit

Following in the treadmarks of last year's NY to Montreal caper, this 24hr competitive road trip'll see up to 100 costumed teams (e.g., 2008's all-dude wedding party Team Knot) throttle through five backroads checkpoints -- including Centralia, PA, where a 1962 mine fire still burns beneath the streets -- as they vie for $2000 and the coveted Golden Gas Pump. Tickets come three ways: the Wheelman (rally entry, briefcase stocked w/ bottle rockets, smoke bombs, condoms, and chaw), the Captain Chaos (the above, plus hotel/casino suite, steak dinner, in-room stripper, surprise bonus), and the Jason Statham -- the above plus a shot of pure human adrenaline (seriously), sure to keep you alert, even during Transporter 3.

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