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Clark's Oyster Bar
Perla's-style seafood comes to Clarksville

Expanding his empire from seafood to shining seafood, the guy behind Perla's has opened Clark's Oyster Bar, taking over the tiny Portabla spot on W 6th and keeping the open kitchen, but enlivening the space with a large patio extension and tons of bar seating, and giving the decor a Tiffany blue makeover.

The menu likes it rawer than Perla's, with 12 types of east & west coast oysters (no Gulf) ranging from New Brunswick Fancy Sweets to California Kumamoto, a daily changing sashimi plate, Crab & Shrimp Louie salads, and caviar including Northern Divine Sturgeon, affordable only if you're a divine surgeon (just kidding -- you could also be a successful chiropractor).

Cooked specialties include a lobster roll, New England clam chowder, and the bouillabaisse-esque Clark's Cioppino fish stew, in addition to catches of the day a la Perla's, and filet staples like a crispy snapper, which upon request will bust out its rendition of "Fever".

To complement the aphrodesiation, they've also serving up spritzers (Aperol, Lillet), martinis, and originals like the Ricard & Rye, strong enough to send you straight to Sugar's, where you'll talk with a girl named Tiffani, then leave blue.

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1. Clark's Oyster Bar 1200 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703

A small neighborhood seafood joint, Clark's Oyster Bar, prides itself on simple, sustainable seafood with a cozy ambiance. This maritime cache also has house-made breads, burgers, and an extensive brunch menu.

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