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Ditch the Teddy Grahams (or still buy them but just save them for later) and tear into these easy-to-make Super Bowl snacks from some of LA's best chefs instead

Los Angeles

Even though Ari blew our chances of getting a football team anytime soon, stave off depression by punching E in his trachea, then stress-eating one or all of these delicious, super-simple-to-make recipes:

Pulled Bacon Sliders
From Erin Eastland, Cube

Jerry O'Connell and the fat dude with the beard will be powerless to stop themselves from jumping into these delicious mini-sandwiches made with an entire uncut slab of bacon cooked in a mixture of beer, BBQ sauce, and maple syrup. So maybe lock the door to your kitchen.

This is better than whatever Joy of Cooking recipe you're currently perusing. Get it here.

Homemade Kettle Chips with Bacon-Cheese Sauce
From Govind Armstrong, Post & Beam

These chips are extra crisp thanks to being deep-fried twice, extra delicious thanks to being covered in a cheesy piggy mess, and all come via the Post & Beam dude, who is more known for his days on Iron Chef than the less popular Niacin version.

Your parents will wish they named you Govind once they see the recipe here

Honey Garlic Soy Balsamic Chicken Wings
From Ben Bailly, Cliff's Edge

Like Chauncey did for the Clippers, this James Beard-nominated chef helps you up your wing game with a silky three-point stroke and an extremely angular bald head the aforementioned ingredients helping to create a sweet/savory coating on your chicken.

CP3 has already clicked on the recipe right here

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