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A bunch of famous chefs/ a bunch of raw seafood

Los Angeles

The Food & Wine-doted chef of Mo-Chica and Picca's getting ready to launch a fishy-sounding all-ceviche restaurant. And to get prepped he's hosting multi-course, raw-swimmer dinners for the next two weekends, with a 100% uni one from the Melisse guy this week and an Asian-themed seven-courser next week from the Night & Market/Spice Table dudes.

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1. Mo-Chica 514 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90006

At Mo-Chica, expect tons of sit-down-restaurant design elements (solid wood tables, an open kitchen, a giant wine wall), plus one awesome-if-you-loved-G.I.-Joe-and-Bob-Ross design element: traditional Peruvian action figures that've been individually painted by famous local toques.

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