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Seasons 52
Date-friendly freshness, in a convenient-to-everyone location

Located in the Century City Westfield, Seasons 52 is the first LA location of a high-endish, mostly East Coast chain dedicated to locally-sourced, healthy eats prepared with herbs entirely grown on site, including opal and "lemon thyme", a name NBC producers strongly considered before finally settling on "30 Rock"

Food's coming from local farms and includes specific-to-this-location-ness like Seared Pacific Hamachi Tataki with a jicama salad, plus wood-roasted pork tenderloin and this boneless grilled quail, which kinda really should come with a potato...e

They've also got pastas like the above penne w/ grilled jumbo shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, and sour cream, and a flatbread w/ balsamic onions and garlic chicken, or what Biff says to Marty McFly whenever he's all "Hey Tannen, what's a really good way to ward off vampires other than holy water?"

Oh, and there's an extensive wine program with over 50 options by the glass, as well as a martini-heavy list of cocktails (plus a Lemon Verbena Mojito) served at a bar shaped like the Dharma Initiative logo -- sit there long enough and there's a good chance you'll be the one feeling Lost.

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