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Slinging small, fried potato bites... like a boss

Whether they're called "potato puffs", "croquettes", or even "potato royals" in Australia, one thing about tater tots remains constant: comparing their regional names highlights Australia's silly monarchial heritage! they're delicious. So praise the Queen, or whatever they have there, because Tot Boss is about to hit the streets.

Hoping to soft launch in St Paul next week (and officially, May 1st), the all-black, all-tot truck is dishing out -- in addition to the basic order of 24 homemade tots with dipping sauces like buffalo, chipotle ranch, and BBQ -- insane special-tots like:

Bacon-Wrapped TTs: This gluttonous recipe wraps deep-fried tots in a slab of the good stuff, then deep-fries them again, so they're sort of like the Russian nesting dolls of arterial clogging.

TT Nachos: A mean stack-o-tots gets viciously drowned in nacho cheese, seasoned beef, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, and jalapeƱos.

Tots 'n' Beef Burrito Basket: These are basically just the Nachos ingeniously wrapped in a flour tortilla, which's perfect for food truck patrons who dropped their fork in the road.

Tots 'n' Dogs Basket: Not just the next cutest internet meme ever, this number dumps a helping of mini corndogs into a basket of the fried gems.

Mama's Tater Tot Hotdish: The tot de resistance, Boss's take on the infamous MN-casserole catch-all is covered with "golden tots", so eat a few of these caloric servings, and ensure you never get Adelaide again.

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