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No Fun
A rock & roll tapas joint

Tapas and rock & roll share some surprising similarities -- both are composed of short, exciting bursts, both can suffer from too much cheese, and both frequently lead to your pants being way too tight. Seizing upon their complementary nature: No Fun.

Taking their name from both a sign the previous tenant kept outside that simply read "Fun", and a Stooges song, the group of LES vets (Pianos, Motor City, Mikey's Burger) behind NF's cultivated a rock-meets-tapas vibe via a leather banquette-flanked dance floor in the back, and a bar up front featuring a photo of Iggy Pop & lights snagged from an old submarine, for that authentic dive-y feel.

Med-Moroccan small plates'll include seafood-packed paella w/ fried peppers, truffled toast w/ butter, bacon & mozz, beef-and-foie sliders, and specials ranging from oysters topped w/ wasabi tobiko and sliced tuna, to a 16oz strip Steak & Egg for Two, which at non-tapas restaurants is called Steak & Egg.

While they won't be doing live music, after midnight ('til 4a) the vibe'll turn to LES party rocking, fueled by DJs all up in the booth, pitchers of sangria, still-in-the-works original 'tails, and a 12-tap/30-bottle brew program heavy on both Belgians and locals, so it's more than just a tourist Trappist.

And because partying until 4a requires next-day grubbing, but not, like, all early and stuff, they're planning to launch a late brunch loaded with tempura-battered poached eggs, and chopped steak with wine reduction, which neither rock & roll nor tapas restaurants believe in.

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1. No Fun 161 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

No Fun is a rock and roll tapas bar that includes Mediterranean-Moroccan special small plates (some of which include bacon & mozz, seafood-packed paella, etc). After midnight, the vibe's fueled by DJs and pitchers of sangria.

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