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Iberico ribs, grilled clams, and suckling pig

The latest from the former Boqueria chef, this new Spanish entrant reps the motherland's cider houses with exposed beams and weathered brick, and's dishing expertly-prepped tapas from Iberico ribs to grilled clams with ham broth, plus larger platters of roast suckling pig w/ wild mushrooms, coal-grilled 45-day-aged prime rib, and bomba rice w/ sepia, lobster, clams, and runner beans, surprisingly delicious considering how stringy they are.

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1. Tertulia 359 6th Ave, New York, NY 10012

Tertulia serves up Spanish tapas (from Iberico ribs to grilled clams) alongside much larger platters (bomba rice with sepia, lobster, and clams) in an exposed beam- and weathered brick-heavy space on 6th Ave.

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