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The Brooklyn Star
The Brooklyn Star

Rising like a deep-fried phoenix from the fire that felled its original locale, the renowned Southern foodery (country-fried steak, Dr. Pepper ribs, bacon-wrapped trout...) has been reborn in far more spacious digs, rocking a standalone front bar that's heavy on the wood and high tops, and a dining room boasting a multi-arch ceiling, high-walled booths, and a Last Supper mural that recasts Willie Nelson as Jesus, a move that would make all of the holidays high ones.

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1. The Brooklyn Star 593 Lorimer, New York, NY 11211

This Williamsburg spot is a renowned Southern foodery, thanks to its country-fried steak, Dr. Pepper ribs, bacon-wrapped trout, and of course, Chicken and Waffle Cones.

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