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Make your party more out of control than a Suh headstomp with these three recipes from NYC's best

New York

With the G-Men making another Super Bowl appearance, show your solidarity with Eli by spending the entire game with your mouth gaping open, if only so you can shovel in these delicious, chef-approved, easy-to-make recipes!

Spicy Four-Cheese Dip
From Chris Santos of Beauty & Essex
Displaying Santos' appreciation for "straightforward and versatile dishes", this multi-purpose bowl of gooey goodness is ideal for dipping or spreading, and boasts hints of hot sauce and mustard to go with cheeses from Gruyere to smoked goat, because Kyle Williams is delicious.

The Dip-tacular process is right this way

Tempura Bacon
From Bill McDaniel of The Red Cat
Because the physical act of leaving your apartment could possibly counteract the artery obliteration of eating battered bacon, stay home and still enjoy the best strips since the conference championships. Kyle Williams double burn!

Be able to make this for rest of your now shortened life

Pizza Cubano
From Julian Medina of Toloache
This "over-the-top" taco/pizza hybrid deconstructs the classic sandwich, heaping individual tortillas with BBQ pork, Swiss, ham, pickles & mustard, though no salsa, cause Victor's gonna need all of that.

So easy and so delicious

Bonus Cheesy Bacon Cubano Mound of Awesome
From God of You're Welcome
Make all three recipes, layer the fried bacon onto the pizza, and cover in cheese sauce, assuming you have the appetite and the gaping maw of a real Man...ning.

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