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Lardo heads to the Westside

Just like your waistline after all that porchetta, Hawthorne cart-turned-restaurant Lardo has expanded after only five months, taking over sweet digs where Westsiders can dig into the joint's huge beer and cocktail selection while housing signature burgers, cold fried chicken sandwiches, banh mi, and pork rind-laced fries without the labored breathing that comes with crossing the river.

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1. Lardo 1212 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97205

Lardo's success story is one for the ages: they've evolved from a food cart to a two-location restaurant in a matter of a few years. This location, on the West Side of Portland, is the newest of the two. And although it may be a new location, you can expect the same from Lardo -- huge beer and cocktail selections, signature burgers, and more.

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