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Everything's bigger when the Bunk boys do tacos

Going right ahead and messing with Texas, the dudes from Bunk have ditched the bread in favor of tortillas, and opened Trigger to serve their wildly innovative takes on Tex-Mex in a wood-paneled, cattle-skull-laden space underneath the Wonder Ballroom featuring a gigantic cowgirl mural and, more importantly, enough meat, cheese, and tequila to feed half of an average Houston resident.  

The opening menu's loaded with not-so-classic takes on classics, including nachos covered in queso sauce full of charred brisket ends, plus quesadillas loaded with such combos as pork belly/chipotle potatoes, lamb mole/goat cheese, and caramelized onion & "artichoke duck", also Darkwing's cousin who had little crime fighting talent but a ton of heart. Other beautiful monstrosities include fajitas w/ house-smoked brisket, fried chicken & hanger steak, plus tacos filled w/ fried chicken, fried avocados, and rockfish -- which, while packed to the point of splitting, will take considerably less time to finish than the standard 2hr, 45 min "Tweezer".

While there're plentiful beers like Boneyard IPA and Double Mountain Vaporizer, the real show is Bunk's signature margarita slushies and the epic Side Pipe: a Coronita-aided fishbowl marg that goes down so easy, you probably won't remember how many you had at the end of the night, let alone the Alamo.

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1. Trigger 128 NE Russell St, Portland, OR 97212

We all know the warning: Don't mess with Texas. Well the dudes behind Trigger not-so-politely ignored that warning and opened up one of hell a Tex-Mex Oregon. Now that's ballsy. In a wood-paneled space that's got cattle skulls everywhere, they're serving up their own spins on Tex-Mex classics, like smoked brisket, beer-can chicken, and a hazelnut mole quesadilla. Get the Lone Star State food you want without, you know, having to actually go to the Lone Star State.

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