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The Row
Fried Pies, poutine & kimchi tacos invade SE Industrial

Parked in the decreasingly frightening SE Industrial zone, The Row cart pod's like a delicious wagon train (minus the dangerous river fording/ dysentery/ wagon tongue shortages) featuring such heavyweights as Korean taco spot Koi Fusion, wood-fired Pyro Pizza, poutine pioneers Potato Champion, Whiffies Fried Pies, and the hulking, fry-stuffed Big-Ass Sandwiches.

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1. The Row 304 SE 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97214

In the forever-getting-safer SE Industrial Zone, The Row is a string of various delicious food carts, including heavyweights like Korean taco spot Koi Fusion, wood-fired Pyro Pizza, poutine experts Potato Champion, and the massive, calorie-overloading Big-Ass Sandwiches, who also take the prize for the least misleading name ever.

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