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This is real

Fact: Junk food is awesome. Fact: Wine is also awesome. Fiction (Kidding! This is a fact too!): Mission munchery Maverick is pairing the two next Wed in an honest-to-God, multi-course Junk Food Wine Pairing, which'll be led by Mav's owner/wine director/Cool Ranch Doritos-lover Mike Pierce and include at least one of the following matched up with delicious vino:

a) IT'S-IT Dark Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Sandwich
b) Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn
c) Vermont Gravy Fries
d) All of the above, son!

The answer of course is D: it'll include all the aforementioned deliciousness (plus some bonus St. Louis Style Spare Ribs), along with four glasses of French-sounding-and-thus-probably-pretty-expensive paired wines like Loire Sancerres and (yawn) Gruet Blanc de Blancs, plus real-sounding tasting notes from Mike, which -- if this story is any indication -- will likely be fairly matter of fact.

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