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Recipes for Redskins mourning

Ensure that the noshers at your Super Bowl party only say "gross, man" in conversations about our charmingly awful quarterback with these delicious, easy-to-make recipes from some of The District's best chefs.

Short Rib Crostini
Mike Isabella, Graffiato
The quarterback of Graffiato and soon-to-open Bandolero, Isabella's whipped together a meat n' baguette dish so tasty, everyone at your party will be all about the short ribs, so maybe don't invite Verne Troyer, as he's sensitive.

You should probably click this right now to get the recipe for a Bad Beef Sunday

Bacon & Blue Cheese Dip
David Guas, Bayou Bakery
Lest the opportunity for great dip slip Bayou (TM!), stir up Southern master Guas's chip dip, which mixes its namesake ingredients with sour cream, mayo, and "Crystal's hot sauce".

No party is complete without a great dip, so get yours here

Spice-Rubbed Chicken Wings
Tom Hall, 901
Previously at Ceiba and Acadiana, 901's Hall has alchemized you a simple wing rub that throws together plenty of spices with brown sugar, so expect to have movements like Jagger.

Hit this before you hit "yes" to some overpriced delivery service this weekend

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