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Headline Shirts

As the Democratic Primary drags on, so does the media's litany of polls, data, and surveys, but their endless reporting's overlooked our demographic's crucial barometer: the T-shirt quotient. Let your torso be heard, with SF's Headline Shirts.

Like a Colbert Report that covers your nipples, HL uses designer-quality blanks (vintage washed/tagless/super soft) to showcase newsworthy ironic commentary.

Their latest tweak the current, mercurial primary season with a move ABC would call "Candidate Swap": Hillary's smiling face graces the all white "Obama 08" tee, while Barack looks equally pleased to rep "Hillary for President" amidst a field of stars and stripes.

The tees just came online today after a stint at Virgin Megastore, where Obama's name/Clinton's face outsold its counterpart by a margin eerily similar to the Primary's current popular vote (numbers that suggest the DNC should promote a white Kenyan woman).

Beyond the O'Clinton duo, HL's shirts run the gamut, from the overt "Elect a White Guy" to the confounding "Weekend Report" (Fri-partly cloudy; Sat-alien invasion; Sun-partly cloudy) -- for when your torso wants to be heard, but not understood.

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