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Upcycled electronics for your crib, Sherlock

Just because your idea of electronic arts involves John Madden exclaiming "He's going to feel that one in the morning!", doesn't mean you can't appreciate artsy electronics courtesy of Christopher Holmes, a Somerville-based electrical engineer who designs computer hardware by day and, by night, fights crime alongside Nic Cage who claims he's legitimately Ghostrider upcycled speakers, lamps, and other "assorted geekery".

Pieces designed to amplify your pad include:

Circuit Board LED Light: Emitting the warm glow of a battery-powered tea candle, this 5in table lamp gets all Mr. Wizard's World by fixing four translucent printed circuit boards atop a solid walnut base, also the color George Hamilton usually is before he starts to seriously focus on tanning.

Cigar Box Speakers: Enjoy all your fave Smokey Robinson and, yep, Puff Daddy tunes out of this portable speaker that's been mounted in a wax-coated old cigar box and MacGyver'd w/ an aluminum control panel and amp.

Abstract Wood Sculptures Upon Which To Rest Your Lamp/Speaker: CH also gets funky with abstract art made from reclaimed wood and orbs and other acrylic painted weirdness, as well as more utilitarian/recognizable pieces like a rustic cherrywood CD holder (CDs?) inspired by Japanese lacquered boxes but finished w/ Danish oil and iron drop pulls, which is also a weirdly effective play you can run with Craig Heyward in Madden '94.

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