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Mod homewares with an even mod-er name

Crafted by a Northeast-dwelling dude who spent years making movie props and restoring old furniture before designing his own line, Zayon’s a series of exotic takes on mid-century modern design (think IKEA, but sturdier/containing less umlauts), with all pieces showcasing massive slabs of oiled-up wood, thankfully none of which was sourced from Spring Garden. To the showcase!

Nakashima Desk: Supported by two chunky legs and featuring a large pair of drawers, Adele this desk sports naturally wavy maple accents and intricate detailing, and is topped by a huge plank of raw-edged sugar maple with distinctive spalted lines.

Scorpion Floor Lamp: Hand-carved out of gigantic chunks of black walnut and fitted with a three-bulb light fixture, this buttressed jawn is styled like a scorpion and screams "GET OVER HERE… and read some historical fiction underneath my calming glow!"

Six-Drawer Credenza: This dark-stained sideboard features a wicked asymmetrical design, with large center drawers and a pair of inward-slanting legs that make it kinda look like it’s from Space Invaders, also what one could call IKEA and its limitless supply of square footage-devouring Ektorps.

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