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His designs will give you serious wood

Imitation may be a form of flattery, but even so, Seatown-based Daniel Potampa kinda wishes people would stop trying to flatter the ish out of him by copying his original designs for cutting/sushi boards and furniture, all crafted from exotic woods and different kinds of metal -- if you don't know what those are, time to get up to Speed.

Cleave your pinky finger if you miss:

Cutting Boards
Hacking boards include the Illusion made from bubinga, maple, and imbuia fashioned together in an eye-warping mix of bent and angled lines, and the Bricklaid Maple, which uses African padouk as mortar between hard rock maple "bricks", providing for a Starks contrast, especially in Game 7 of the 1994 Finals.

Sushi Boards
Picture your sushi rollin' in style on platters like #2 (ha!) featuring jatoba, maple, and padouk inlays and Peruvian walnut feet (handcrafted wood chopsticks included!), or the Zebra Wood/Figured Maple board with non-marking rubber feet and machined-in grooves that hold two sets of chopsticks, or four hilariously long novelty pencils.

Art Pieces
DP's got a range of works from a clock made from flame-hardened cut steel nails welded together around a hobbled steel clock faceplate with pounded brass and blackened aluminum hands, to wall art made from a piece of figured big leaf maple with a live edge down one side, and 15 hand-machined Acetal black circles, though please don't ask to spin them as that's technically grunge.

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