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Lark Creek Steak
Duck lasagna for under $15

Lark Creek Inn's morphed into The Tavern, boasting refinished antique tables and a new streetside eat-in "grove". Everything on the versatile menu's under $15 (including duck lasagna stuffed w/ hazelnuts & goat cheese, spiced Petaluma chicken wings, and a Delta crawfish boil), while specialty cocktails range from the Tanqueray/grapefruit/lemon Aperol Cocktail to the Wild Turkey Sazerac -- have too many before dinner, and expect to gobble gobble.

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1. Lark Creek Steak 845 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Lark Creek Steak, located in the Westfield San Francisco Centre, offers a view of the Emporium Dome, as well as top-notch steak and desserts.

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