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Car Sofa
It's like taxidermy for cars

Some people look at a Rolls-Royce and say, "My lord, that is a beautiful car." Other people look at it and say, "Please hand me that chainsaw, so I can cut it in half and turn it into a couch". Or maybe that's just the guy behind Car Sofa.

Desks: The beautiful maniac took an '83 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit that was still running and in good condition, and transformed it into a desk full of backlit onyx and featuring a heated tropical wood surface where the hood once was. Naturally, it comes with an office chair made out of the reupholstered driver's seat and center console

Couches: If you thought sitting in that backwards seat in the back of a station wagon was the most fun thing ever, 1) you're right, and 2) this '59 Mercedes with the seat reversed is for you

Tables: This Jaguar V-12 was originally made out of two six-cylinders as a means of keeping horsepower high in the iconic XKE despite stringent 1970s emissions regulations. Now it's a gold-plated, synthetic diamond-crusted, onyx-laden place to put your Ranger Ricks

Budgets!: Not quite ready to be responsible for the grisly death of a Rolls? He does cheaper couches too, like this one made from a Hyundai Azera, a car that people generally try not to look at at all.

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