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The future of beer drinking is now

Every once in a while something so amazing comes along that you need to sit down when confronted with it, but how the hell are you going to get a beer without standing back up? With the Shoot A Brew, that's how.

Straight from the entrepreneurial bastion that is Kansas City, MO, the SAB's a just-debuted rolling cooler designed to launch chilled 12oz-ers into the hands of drinkers, and thanks to Pork Slap now pigs fly. To set up, load the cooler's fitted magazine with up to 24 cans, fill the narrow ice reservoir on the side, and chill; once you're ready, flip the motorized interior catapult on, press the remote, and a cold one'll be sent soaring in a perfect arc up to eight feet, instantly reloading you with beer (unless of course someone happens to be walking by, in which case it'll just be all head). Features include a speedy two second reload time, a special "pass-through lid" intended to minimize cool air loss, and a fully waterproof remote control, which among other things means "no crawling out of the pool" for a brew, though indulge too much and that may be the only way you can.

Although fully developed and accepting pre-orders, production won't begin for a few months, though who can blame an invention that keeps you from having to get up for taking a while to get off the ground.

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