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Soho outpost of the Flatiron tapas heavyweight

New York

Sequels that actually improve upon the original usually do so by eschewing flash for substance: Lucas realized all Empire needed was more humanized characters, and Roddenberry realized all Trek II needed was Montalban. For Spanish further refined, hit Boqueria Soho

The popular Flatiron tapas haven's part deux, B2's a sleek blonde-wooded and tiled sleeve that better-fies the original w/ 20+ more seats, a semi-private tasting table, an open kitchen w/ 12 bar seats, and an 8am breakfast menu (which you'll typically follow with Meal 2: Lunch at Your Desk).

While popular standbys are available (Pan con Tomate, Datiles con Beicon, etc), B2's slinging all new sandwiches (house-made duck ham w/ fig jam & king oyster mushrooms; bresaola w/ red peppers, wild arugula & horseradish) plus that new b'fast menu: all-organic, free-range plates like Bocata Huevo y Jamon (eggs/white cheese/Serrano ham) and Bocata Huevo y Bacon, i.e., eggs, bacon, and creme fraiche (Spain's rivalry with the French stops at cream).

On the off chance you're capable of making your own meals, the resto's market stand sells sliced-to-order Spanish meats and cheeses (Serrano, Iberico, etc), plus assorted Spanish products like Ventresca de Atu (preserved tuna belly) and Pulpo Marinado (marinated canned octopus, on the off chance you're capable of making your own Oldboy sequel).

B2 also offers free wifi, plus int'l newspapers like Le Monde and El Pais. Hey, Pais, here's some breaking news: Khaaaan!

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