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Jack Daniel's Brings Grouplove and The Head and The Heart to Dallas

What: Opt for an intimate evening of live music and premium cocktails, with the next installment of Jack Daniel’s Studio No. 7 concert series. The two-part lineup starts with the love-slinging acoustics of Seattle sextet, The Head and The Heart, and finishes with the soulful, folktronic sounds of L.A.’s Grouplove, who are followed around by a horde of admirers known as Groupielove.

Where: Dallas, TX, home to the chic and beautiful, and also television shows about the chic and beautiful

When: Thurs, April 12th, 2012

Why: Because charcoal-mellowed refers not to tunes gone timid, but to the distinctive flavor of a legendary whiskey

Check out the website, or like Jack Daniel’s Studio No. 7 on Facebook for more information on how to receive an invitation to this exclusive event.

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