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Make Mario want to warp down your bookcase

The fact that most plumbing pipes are hidden from plain view and only exist to ferry away waste is actually one itself, as some of them are quite handsome, like those used by Vintage Pipe Dreams.

Based in Broomfield, this "industrial vintage" shelving operation turns made-in-the-USA piping and reclaimed wood into artful book cubbies, towel racks, and more. Besides being so proud of watching the show American Pickers (where people dig for gold!) that he trumpets it on his website, the person behind the plumbing would like you to know about his:

Four Tier Walnut Shelf: 1/2" black piping and sanded walnut creates a "rustic" look, which should contrast nicely with the Deathly Hallows look of your literature collection.

Towel Rack: Like Kate Upton in the swimsuit edition, this rack is for bathroom use. It even comes with a walnut shelf, on which you can rest nothing as well-organized as those towels in the photo.

Foughton Longhorn Bookshelf: Unlike Kate Upton in the swimsuit edition, there's no wood involved here. But still, the funky, asymmetrical installation'll hold up your books while looking so rad, people will be less quick to ferry themselves out of your apartment.

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