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(now closed) A truly rare steakhouse

Bring your dollar bills (lots of them) to Strip, a "modern steakhouse" opening Monday in the Four Ambassadors that’s outfitted its tiered digs with a somewhat ironically old-school black/white/red/wood motif, plus booths equipped with red lights, even though the only boning around here is the T- kind

Free-range, grass-fed beef sourced directly from M&A Cattle Ranch in Castlewood, VA lands on your plate as NY strips, porterhouses, and 14oz filets, unless you’re more into locally sourced seafood like corn salsa-covered lobster tacos, or beautifully wacky stuff like bison rib eyes, kangaroo filets, and antelope. Also up for grabs: two Strip Burgers & a bottle of Champagne in a package they’ve dubbed the "Perfect Date", something Indiana Jones's monkey has just been dying to get his hands on

After midnight, they’re gonna let it all hang out while you do the same by grooving to DJs/ordering bottle service, and will also offer a legit daily happy hour that’ll involve the $5 "Champagne Room" of scallop/crab sliders, lobster tacos & caviar, plus $1 spoonfuls of smoked salmon, escargot, shrimp & oysters called "Dollar Dances", which're unsurprisingly skirt-(steak) free.

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