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Bang Bang Pie Shop
Pie and biscuits in Logan

Like a downhome grandmother's kitchen (vintage chairs, old-timey cabinets, etc.) if only that grandma learned how to roast her own coffee at Dark Matter, Bang Bang's fresh buttermilk biscuits can be topped with the various homemade jams & compound butters at the Biscuit Bar. Namesake pies are made according to generations-old family recipes, and include the custardy, Meyer-packed Lemon Shaker, and the Chocolate Orange: Maldon salt & blood orange olive oil drizzled over chocolate chess, reminding you you should really check your cholesterol.

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1. Bang Bang Pie Shop 2051 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Constantly the forerunner for Chicago's most awesomely named pie shop, Logan Square's Bang Bang Pie Shop is a true testament to an older time when everyone's favorite neighbor Ethel would let her pie cool on the windowsill. The pies are handmade daily using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and the scent of the just-baked fruit -- or the fact that Bang Bang serves a pork & grits option -- will have you floating through the entrance.

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