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Because your old ones aren't nearly comfy enough

Depending on what study you believe, Philly is quickly becoming some combination of the poorest, fattest, and unhealthiest city in the country, which means two things: 1) SUCK IT, CLEVELAND!! and 2) you're gonna need some comfy pants. To that end, take a look at the ain't-doing-crap-today offerings from Publish Brand's new Spring line:

1. Fidelo
Not just what Castro's aid says when he walks into El Caballo's office, only to realize he's currently on the the phone, Fidelo is also the name of "the most comfortable pants in the world", thanks to wide, elastic-clinched legs and chambray-and-linen fabrics.

2. Damarion
Hewn from 100% slub chambray, these sweatpants-cut leg-wrappers are stitched in an "arc" style with a quilted bottom gusset 'twixt the inseams, meaning they feature one of your favorite high-end hotel amenities (spacious ballroom).

3. Sandeep
Imagine your favorite broken-in oxford cloth shirt, then imagine them as pants, 'cuz that's what these are. They have a relaxed fit, dedicated coin pocket, and front L-shaped pockets, presumably so they match the configuration of your fingers the next time you yell, "Hey, Cleveland…".

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