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Cocktail-filled cowboy boots and Buck Naked wings on Cahuenga

Not just where an awesomely mustachioed Kevin Costner goes looking for the frontier, only to find himself (!), the Outpost is also now a western-themed sports bar-cum-saloon (opening today) overrun with flatscreen TVs and all kinds of Old West awesome, from cowboy boots filled with cocktails, to walls blanketed with lassos, steer skulls, and antique saddles. A peek:

The Food: Intended to be backyard-BBQ-comforting, the menu's... backyard-BBQ-comforting (nailed it!) with face-stuffables like pulled pork-smothered fries, corn fritters, a 1lb Western bacon chee w/ grilled onions, and five types of wings, including Sweet Whiskey and Buck Naked, which no one, not even a lusty lady Orioles fan, wants to see.

The Drinks: Because everything's bigger in... the Cahuenga Corridor, they'll do 84oz, Sauron-approved beer towers and the aforementioned 45oz boots full of mixeds like the Tumbleweed (SoCo, triple sec, OJ, pineapple & grenadine); the Texas Tea (whiskey, lime, sour & Coke), and the 8 Seconds (coconut rum, SoCo, pine & orange).

The Specials: They've got dealage every gatddang night, w/ $1 drafts on Mon, 25c wings on Wed, and a $9.95 all-you-can-eat buffet on Sunday -- so, if you're rolling with a pack of hungry Wolves, go then. Tatanka!

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