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Jeff Harris makes his mark

The long-awaited new menu runs from a Texas cheese flight (Eagle Mtn. Granberry Gold, Brazos Valley Eden, Caprino Royale Bloombonnet) to veal sweetbreads w/ smoked egg puree, sherry-maple gastrique, bacon lardons, and pickled peppers. If you want to sleep with your best friend's daughter, blame it on the Weekend in Rio (VeeV, basil, honey, grapefruit, Champagne top), or other just unhatched cocktails like the guaranteed buzz of the tequila/honey syrup/absinthe/mezcal Bee Keeper.

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1. Bolsa 614 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208

Located in the historic Settles Garage, Bolsa offers up a menu of American cuisine for brunch and dinner, as well as a fantastic selection of cocktails and wine. The outdoor patio is covered, and heat lamps make it useable even when the weather gets a bit nippy.

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